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Thursday, 27 May 2010

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 Bow T Dorcet 100 Crepe Satin  Christian Louboutin 

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S and H 

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Ladurée Café, Knightsbridge

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The Humble Pencil Skirt

Saturday, 17 April 2010

The Humble Pencil Skirt

After a week stuck in the office, H and I decided to venture to our nearest late night shopping centre. It was a perfect April evening and H was filling me in on her weeks antics- as she frantically fumbled and skipped through the tunes on her iPod. Much to my envy H is soon to be jet-setting it to Vegas with some girl friends, and we decided there was no better way to spend a Friday evening than holiday shopping (and I could nurse my jealousy with a few new purchases). Having spent the week in suit trousers, and various unexceptional 'smart' tops, I felt the need to invest in an 'un-office' like garment- like a pretty day dress to encourage the sunshine. H, deciding a new bikini was in order, marched us off to the holiday section in TopShop. H is determined to be the coolest chick in the big LV (and undoubtedly as always she probably will be).

As H was experimenting with various sunglass/hat combinations I wandered off to investigate what ‘non Las Vegas’ outfits they had to offer. After draping half the shop over my arm, including some rather trendy tailored hareem trousers and a soft grey frill wrap dress, I endeavoured to find my way to the changing rooms. Only stopping to apologise to the few unlucky victims of the mass array of hangers that were obstructing my view. After unsuccessfully trying on the collection of fineries and discovering they really didn’t look at all fine on me I made a mental note:

Note to Self: tailored hareem trousers really aren’t a virtue to people just over 5ft and not size 6.

However amongst the blunders a hidden gem was found- it was found in the form of a polka dot pencil skirt.
The humble pencil skirt, a staple of most office wardrobes, re-worked into this fabulous dotted navy creation. The length is perfect for my height, and the fabric hugs my figure in the gentle embrace only a pencil skirt could.
Although my main objective of this shopping trip was not to buy anything that could even closely resemble an ‘office outfit’, I felt this was the exception. There is always an exception to every rule and this ruffled concoction was mine (quite literally). And with the Antiques Road show (yes you did read it correctly- I am cultured don’t you know? and it has nothing to do with the film crew and an excuse for an afternoon off work…) coming to my home town, I deem this the outfit of choice with my favourite Mary J’s and a plain white T.

Having hunted and found H again I subsequently informed her of my wonderful new exception, which even the Vegas shorts and straw hat she flaunted couldn’t diminish my sense of triumph.
And on that happy note we strolled out of the shops and went for some much deserved Italian food.