'Tis the Season for Jolly Knits - is it not?

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Mince pies, Winter Pimm’s and sequins – all a sure sign it isn’t long until Christmas. And this year has been no exception for me, I’m firmly on the tinsel bandwagon.

This journey has started with the hunt for the perfect holiday sweater. Surely it can’t be Christmas without a patterned or fairisle knitted jumper?

There is, after-all, nothing better than getting merry with a repeat of holly or a single snow man to cheer you on your festive way.

Here is my top six festive knits from the high street and online.


Ken Picton Salon - Cardiff Bay

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to review the Ken Picton Salon in Cardiff Bay for The Good Life Blog. Here are a few of the snaps Kevin took - whilst I was busy getting pampered. 

The Salon.

The wonderful Sarah and Julie.

Upstairs in the salon.

A few of their many awards.


A Glass Full of Bubbly

Thursday, 29 November 2012

I have two, rather gorgeous, bubbly additions to my Pandora charm bracelet. 

My boyfriend, being the amazing boyfriend he is, surprised me with a new bracelet a few months ago (after I lost the first one en route to Paris..) - complete with a cute silver hippo charm. He calls me hippo when I reach for the chocolate or hog the duvet.. I can't think why..?

These two fabulous bubble glass charms are designed and made by Lawson Lampwork.
Susan Lawson - who, when she isn't showing me the ropes at work, spends her time creating glass masterpieces. 

Sue makes a whole host of beautiful beads and jewelry. Her beads are truly unique and hand made in her home studio. What a talented lady.

The design of these bubbly creations, quite perfectly, is called Champagne -and they really do look like tiny captured champagne bubbles.

You can buy these, and many more, wonderful designs at Sue's Etsy shop. Use code SUZIE10 to get 10% off your order. They make great gifts and you can request custom designs and colours. You can also find her amazing designs on facebook - it's like looking in a candy shop.

Thanks to Sue's generosity, I greedily have both Champagne and Rose Champagne. 
A girl can never have enough champagne - can she?

Champagne Silver Core Charm Bead £11 

Rose Champagne Silver Core Charm Bead £11


It's Loafer Time

Friday, 16 November 2012

This week has been as grey as grey can be. It's been cold and rainy. So, being the smart girl I am, I decided to wear a pair of pink suede ballerinas. Needles to say, the ballerinas are no more.. sob..

But on a brighter note, I happened upon these yellow patent loafers. They are very cheap - but all the more cheerful. I'm not really an advocate of cheap shoes - they last a shorter amount of time than chocolate in my fridge. However, when I ran into Primark to grab a cheap pair of pumps to walk home in, after the devastation that was my raspberry pink suede ballerinas, (very many hard feelings there), these loafers were actually glowing on the shelf. A bit of sunshine on a very rainy day. They were the grand total of one pound - yes £1 or 1GBP. Wowza.. but then again they are plastic..

They are just so pretty, I keep admiring them. Although, as they were so cheap, and from Primark, I'm a little scared to wear them outside in case they really do fall apart. Yes that's right, I ended up wearing the ruined ballerinas home to save the pound shoes..

These loafers are something Paddington Bear would be proud of. 


Pucker Up

Sunday, 11 November 2012

When I was offered an EOS lip balm and hand cream I couldn't say yes fast enough.

I had admired the cute lip balms from-a-far in Korea. I had no idea they were available here in the UK. 
Nor did I know anything about them if I’m to be honest – more a childish fascination with their quirky kinder-egg-esk design. And really, a little delight does come inside every pot.

The EOS lip balm comes in a variety of colours and flavours - and is 97% natural. The little egg contains a ball of tasty lip balm. 

I have been smothering my lips with the sweet mint lip balm. It is deliciously minty. I like it even more because there is no tingle. I am not a fan of lip balm tingle.  It really is sweet like candy. I did find myself licking it off now and then or craving soft mints. It's a good job you get a lot of product for your money.

 As a lip balm it’s pretty damn good – pretty being the operative word. It isn't heavy and soaks into the lips. There was no sticky residue just minty freshness.

EOS also do a few hand creams - in a rather cool pebble design.

The pebble shaped cucumber hand cream was the matching colour to my minty balm - so I've had both in my handbag. The small ergonomic packaging makes it ideal for your bag. The smell was fresh and clean – only to be expected of cucumber scent. The hand cream was very light and not greasy. Personally, I get pretty dry hands and like a richer hand cream especially in the winter - so I did keep applying this one. 

The EOS range can be bought in the UK from Cocktail Cosmetics – a funky independent online cosmetic shop. The website is full of beauty indulgences.

I think I’m definitely going to be stocking up on the EOS lip balms for the mistletoe seasons.. mwah..


Pants Pink Pants?

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

A few weeks ago my boyfriend and I spent a lovely Sunday in Bath and stumbled upon a cute vintage fair in Milsom Place (opposite Jolly's). 

I was donning my favourite pink leggings - I picked them up from H&M in Seoul, Korea, on one of my outings with good friend, and faithful shopping partner, MaLeah.

Needless to say, my boyfriend despises these delectable heavenly pink pants/trousers* - which I'm sure makes the rebellious girl in me love them even more. 

Leggings from H&M and shoes from Dune.

The Secret Tea Party had a pop-up tea room -complete with gorgeous retro tableware and equally gorgeous looking cakes and treats.

We had a delicious mini chocolate cup cake each - topped with scrummy chocolate butter-cream and an edible pink rose bud. Mmmm.. it makes me hungry just thinking about them...

Raccoon & Me Vintage had a little Aladdin's cave of clothing and accessories. I think it made my mouth water just as much as the chocolate cupcake. Raccoon & Me is run by the lovely Elaine - who was put on the spot when my boyfriend asked for her honest opinion of my beautiful pink trousers/pants. 

Thanks Elaine for siding with me, and 'Ha' to you Kevin.. (smug-looking-face)

Being, as it was, my birthday weekend my rather generous boyfriend may have treated me to the rather glamours ginger fur coat - as pictured above.

Cupcakes and a new coat makes for a rather good Sunday - if I do say so myself.

*Pants used as well as trousers in  honour of my American friend MaLeah.


Paw Paw Rescue Ointment

Monday, 8 October 2012

I recently tried out this rather luxurious rescue ointment from Qsilica.
It's made with papaya and my hands love it.

So, I thought i'd write about it for The Good Life Blog. 

My friend Maria kindly modeled the little beauty - in one of my Korean glitter nail polishes. 

Click on the image to read. 

Visit the Planet Health site for other natural beauty products. 

Creative Touches

Friday, 21 September 2012

At Boutique Creative we aim to help your create the perfect online experience for your brand, clients, readers and shoppers. Whether you are a new start-up, and independent brand, a salon or even a spa, we offer tailor made bespoke digital solutions and advice to ensure your business flourishes online as well as off.  From social media start up packages & training, to monthly blog post creation and website copy, our aim is to provide you with expert creative content and skills for your brand or business.

Based in the Southwest, Boutique Creative offers bespoke digital solutions for the beauty & lifestyle sector. Whether you are a new brand, an independent boutique or even a salon or spa, our expert term can help you to create the ultimate online experience. From social media set-up, best practice and advice, to website copy and even monthly blog posts, our dedicated team are here to take the hard work away from you and deliver real digital results.


Visit the website: www.Boutique-Creative.com

The Good Life Blog

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

I have been invited to guest blog for The Good Life Blog - the new and official blog site for two of South Wales' premier lifestyle magazines; Vale Life and City Life. I will be blogging about fashion and beauty - with a few special post about my visits to Cardiff, and South Wales, where my best friend Heather now resides.

Here are a couple of pictures from my first post:
Click on the title above or the picture below to take a peek..

TOPSHOP nail polish in Pinch Punch and Flamingo Coral

희정 Forget-me-not..

Friday, 31 August 2012

Moving away from England has made me rather patriotic (understatement). I seem to be drawn to anything with a Union Jack on. Heejeong (희정), my very pretty and creative Korean friend, (who, I will add, is a self confessed Topshop addict), decided to surprise me this week with a beautiful handmade creation. 

I have been umming and ahhing over these gorgeous stone beaded bracelets. They have recently become very popular here in Korea. The bracelets are made from real stones, some semi-precious, 
and have one alternate coloured stone bead - this is often embellished. They are handmade by various little boutiques and sell for around $35-120. 

Little did I know - Heejeong had sourced the supplies to custom make me my very own British bracelet. This little trinket will forever remind me of the great friend I have made in Heejeong.
And, most importantly I LOVE IT! It's just soo.. British..

 Here are some pictures of her amazing creation: 


Going for Gold

Saturday, 25 August 2012

What with all this talk of Gold Medals in the London Olympics, which I managed not to be in the country for, I have found myself drawn to all things gold. I not the only one, I have seen fellow bloggers, sites and magazines also feeling the gold rush..

So, here’s a look at my Olympic Gold inspired accessories:
Innisfree Nail Colour in 30  $2.50

Michael Kors Watch 514

Accessorize Sale earrings $4

ARITAUM Korea MODI nail colour $3.50

Gold Leaf Pendant - Gift from Boyfriend (Australia)


A Date with Fate

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Sometimes you have no choice. Fate has a plan and we can merely succumb to it. Well, on a rainy Wednesday afternoon in Seoul, I yielded in the form of theses rather elegant Mary Jane’s from Zara.

Now, I know there will be some sceptics out there, so let me explain...

I have always wanted a cute, comfy, nude-esk pair of Mary Jane’s. A classic style in a classic colour. I have spent years trying on various designs. I originally saw a pair, in a similar colour, from Jimmy Choo. The Choo’s were very cute, and on sale at the time, however they were peep-toe. I desired a smart pair, with no peep-toe, smart enough for the office - yet versatile enough for coffee, lunch, or early evening drinks. I also wanted a specific hue of nude- more pink that yellow.. not that I'm fussy or anything..

So, on stepping into Zara, and out of the rain, I saw this lonely pair sat beneath a sale table.
I immediately zoned in on them. They were my size (EU37). Could this be fate? My size AND the last pair? The price tag quoted $49(£30). My insides did a little somersault. Another sale table was lurking in the corner on the second floor. And there again, I saw my shoes. There were two other pairs - neither of them in my size. I picked them up to investigate- maybe I had got a little bit carried away? (It wouldn’t be the first time).

And then fate jumped up and slapped me square in the face  - they were actually $15 (£8)!
NEVER underestimate fate.

My insides literally did a gymnastics performance - and I mean Olympic medal worthy. Needless to say, I grabbed Cathy (who speaks fluent Korean) and dragged her to the till. I needed to double check fate wasn’t just playing a mean joke on me. Thank heavens fate wasn’t. When I return to the UK, I will be on the job hunt and (hopefully!) off to interviews - and these little babies will be firmly on my feet.

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Sunday, 1 July 2012

Let me introduce you to Nara.

Nara is ethnically Korean. She grew up in Manila (in the Philippines), and was educated in Vancouver. She is the owner of a vintage bicycle (of which I am in lust over), and lots of pretty shoes. Nara is undoubtedly the most stylish of my friends here in Korea - always able to recommend something equally chic- be it an exhibition, a shop, or a restaurant. Every time we meet I have to take a moment to appreciate her attire. 

Her Facebook page is full of pretty photos and inspirational text; of people and places, and of food and drink. 

Click on the postcard to read about her fashion, beauty, and thoughts on Korean living (and here for her Facebook page).


Mmm Bop..

Friday, 29 June 2012

It isn’t long until I pack up my bags and head home to England. No more roof top sunbathing or cocktails in the Korean sunshine - back to the British rain. After Lauren confessed; her Hunter wellies were the best item she’d packed from home– this got me thinking:  footwear.  

I have a cute pair of floral Laura Ashley wellies at home. But, although I love floral patterns, I fancy a change. I quite like colour blocking at the moment. Bold bright colours are seducing me on a daily basis. Today it actually rained in Korea. So, with Lauren’s comments on wellies, and the rain running down the window, I thought I would do some browsing. 

I found Hunter wellies easy enough. These colours were my favourite - cute pastels. However, I personally don’t find wellies the most comfortable of footwear. Yes they are practical - they are water resistant after all. But I seem to remember them adding to the effort of trudging through snow. They also rub a little.

What practical, British proof, aesthetically pleasing shoes are there? 
The answer to this question I thought was nil. Then I was shown these: Boppers. 

Boppers are high-top sneaker style wellies. They are 100% water resistant, and have been designed to look on trend. To make me even more tempted; they come in bright, beautiful, block colours.
All around me; on people, online, and in magazine, I am seeing high-top sneakers. These beauties have managed to combine (the ever difficult) fashion and function.

As you all know, if you have been reading my blog, I have a Pomeranian. Layla is a fun and playful dog. She loves going on walks come rain or shine -and boy does she like to dash about! I can see myself in these sneaker-esk shoes; gleefully running around the local park, trekking through the snow, or even just popping out in the April showers. You could team them with some chunky socks and cute shorts - and have blissful feet at a summer festival. 
Really, due to their versatile style, the possibilities are endless. They only come in a few colours; red, pink, black and purple (priced around £35). Click on the pic to visit the site.

I think my favourite would be the pink ones- or the black- or maybe the pink?? Eek I can’t decide! 


Faithful Fendi

Thursday, 28 June 2012

I would like to introduce you to my sunglasses. These sunglasses have been my faithful companion, off and on, since I bought them in 2010. It is a real love story; full of heartbreaking separation and emotional reunions.

Sunglasses have always been, well to me anyways, something I normally sit on.. and break. For this reason, I'd always kept to River Island or Topshop for my summer specs.

I have not had the best luck with glasses, it took me near to 3 years before I submitted and bought my first pair (D&G, rimless,clear arms,and unobtrusive). The problem, you see, is my head. It is small. This mean that to find glasses, that don't stick out at ungodly angles or take over my entire face, is near impossible- unless, of course, I don't mind Harry Potter frames (which I really do mind thank you!). I had my heart set on some heavy black statement frames, this unfortunately was not meant to be.

My opinion on sunglasses is quite the opposite to my stance on glasses. My small face will not stop me from having big beautiful frames. So, after they told me my 'new degree of blindness', I bought a new pair of half rimmed Chanel frames (which I hardly wear if I'm to be honest). My eyes don't adjust well to changes in brightness, so I was recommend prescription sunglasses. I mused over the sunglasses cabinet, and saw these beautiful Fendi (Style FS5184, as pictured above) sunglasses staring up at me. 
It was love at first sight. So I ordered them. Two weeks later my new glasses arrived at my door. They were amazing. I could see everything. They are a tortoise shell design; this suits my pale complexion much better than black. They are also, ever-so-slightly, curved, this means my small head is not an issue what-so-ever.  

I have lost them about 3 times, but they are ever faithful, and they always find there way back to me. They are a classic style that can be worn with anything. Fingers crossed they will stay in my possession for many summers to come.



Monday, 25 June 2012

Let me introduce you to Lauren.

Lauren is a fellow Brit, and a fellow blonde. I met Lauren in London at the Korean Embassy. I remember somewhat drawling over a rather nice brown/camel jacket she was wearing. Lauren is rather well traveled. She has has lived in China, Spain, England (of course!), South Korea, Australia, and is now living in Thailand ( I have probably missed somewhere off that list). Lauren has a blog Lauren Wherever. Check it out to see where her adventures will take her next.

Click on the postcard to see what she had to say about the beauty and fashion side of Korean living.



Saturday, 23 June 2012

In a post earlier this month, I mentioned I would be talking so some of my fellow expats here in Korea.
So, here goes:

Let me introduce you to Nancy. 

Nancy is one of the most helpful (and beautiful) people I have had the pleasure of meeting here. She is an amazing photographer and has a real eye for elegance and beauty. Here are her thoughts of life, fashion and beauty here in Korea. Click on the post card to see what she had to say.

(Nancy has informed me she will be starting a Lookbook soon - I will post details when I know more!)

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