Bon Voyage!

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

안전 여행
(Anjeon yeohaeng - Safe journey)

Picture this if you will: 

It was a warm Wednesday afternoon in August, (alas no, this cute collection of vintage suitcases is not mine) and after a rather emotional tear stained goodbye, I struggled with my ONE suitcase (yes that was another dig at you jammy Americans and your two suitcases!), one small carry-on bag and a rather pretty rosebud laptop case. A year in Korea with only one suitcase to tailor to all my needs!?! So after listening to people, and reading the guide books, I made my first real misconception; Koreans must dress conservatively; so I must be practical above fashionable- after all
I am going to be a teacher.

This, I suppose, was only half right (or wrong?) as Korean’s are very modest when it comes to their top halves. Not a shadow or tease of cleavage insight. However legs are a completely different story! But that is for another post another time..

So one year and one suitcase what to pack?

There are many a-helpful, and some not helpful, website and forum giving tips of what an expat (yes I am officially an expat now) should consider essential items. These included such necessary articles as deodorant and toothpaste. I am pleased to confirm, to anyone under the delusion, that you can buy deodorant in Korea and even toothpaste. However I for one have opted to stick to my Colgate and Dove - I’m not too sure I fancy kimchi flavoured toothpaste or paying three times over the price for deodorant.

In terms of clothing, I would strongly recommend, to anyone, to bring the clothes you love from home. Koreans love their fashion, and this ventures into every aspect of their lives.
 (Something else to be posted about on a later date).

So here is some of what I deemed essential..
My then favourite shades of Chanel.

 My most treasured Pandora charm bracelet,
a simple pearl necklace and studs.

 A timeless pair of L.K.Bennett nude courts, my trusty Topshop leather slouch boots
and a delightful pair of Zara pumps I picked up on sale in Milan.

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