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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

  Mini Dress Boutique Suji-gu

One of  the first things that came to my attention in Korea, other than the minuscule length of skirts, was that almost all Korean women took great pride in their appearance-  and as a foreigner it definitely doesn't go unnoticed. 

There appears to be two main (high street?) trends; Trend 1) pretty pearls and soft blushes (think lipsticks and romance);  Trend 2) skinny jeans, sports brands and high tops (think Nike, NB and Adidas). There are of course always exceptions to this rule- especially if you wander into Seoul. 
In Seoul you will find much more diverse/high end fashion (as well as Zara and H&M!). You can not walk two blocks without seeing a Louis Vuitton or Prada handbag. 
Fashion is undoubtedly in the forefront of most young minds. 
(Something for another post)

Working as a teaching, in an after school academy, I am lucky to work alongside some lovely Korean women. Everyday the Korean teachers come to class immaculately dressed and made up. However it is not all sunshine and roses; in a recent conversation I discovered that it has become more a chore than a pleasure. The teachers are expected to present themselves in this way. They are representing an 'image' and must keep up appearances at all times. One teacher confessed; if she were to lapse, and lets say forget her eye liner?, her students would be the first to pick up on this and condemn her. 
There are no 'non-makeup' days of jeans, sneakers and messy buns. These expectations weigh heavily on their tiny shoulders.

In Suji-gu, my home town, we have many small boutiques. One of the first I found was Mini Dress. A tiny little shop run by two very kind, and smiley, Korean ladies. These shops remind me of Bath (UK), they are small but every bit of space is accounted for.You will find many outfits pre-assembled to include; belts, scarfs and jewelery. It is very unlike the bigger 'brand' shops- with their slick minimalistic interiors. Don't be surprised, if you pay the shop a visit around lunch time, to find the ladies lunching on a picnic rug- on the floor toward to back of their shop. 

Maybe this is a reason I like to lose time in there... 
or it could be the close resemblance of my over packed room back home..

 Inside Mini Dress

 Inside Mini Dress

Inside Mini Dress
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