Mmm Bop..

Friday, 29 June 2012

It isn’t long until I pack up my bags and head home to England. No more roof top sunbathing or cocktails in the Korean sunshine - back to the British rain. After Lauren confessed; her Hunter wellies were the best item she’d packed from home– this got me thinking:  footwear.  

I have a cute pair of floral Laura Ashley wellies at home. But, although I love floral patterns, I fancy a change. I quite like colour blocking at the moment. Bold bright colours are seducing me on a daily basis. Today it actually rained in Korea. So, with Lauren’s comments on wellies, and the rain running down the window, I thought I would do some browsing. 

I found Hunter wellies easy enough. These colours were my favourite - cute pastels. However, I personally don’t find wellies the most comfortable of footwear. Yes they are practical - they are water resistant after all. But I seem to remember them adding to the effort of trudging through snow. They also rub a little.

What practical, British proof, aesthetically pleasing shoes are there? 
The answer to this question I thought was nil. Then I was shown these: Boppers. 

Boppers are high-top sneaker style wellies. They are 100% water resistant, and have been designed to look on trend. To make me even more tempted; they come in bright, beautiful, block colours.
All around me; on people, online, and in magazine, I am seeing high-top sneakers. These beauties have managed to combine (the ever difficult) fashion and function.

As you all know, if you have been reading my blog, I have a Pomeranian. Layla is a fun and playful dog. She loves going on walks come rain or shine -and boy does she like to dash about! I can see myself in these sneaker-esk shoes; gleefully running around the local park, trekking through the snow, or even just popping out in the April showers. You could team them with some chunky socks and cute shorts - and have blissful feet at a summer festival. 
Really, due to their versatile style, the possibilities are endless. They only come in a few colours; red, pink, black and purple (priced around £35). Click on the pic to visit the site.

I think my favourite would be the pink ones- or the black- or maybe the pink?? Eek I can’t decide! 


Faithful Fendi

Thursday, 28 June 2012

I would like to introduce you to my sunglasses. These sunglasses have been my faithful companion, off and on, since I bought them in 2010. It is a real love story; full of heartbreaking separation and emotional reunions.

Sunglasses have always been, well to me anyways, something I normally sit on.. and break. For this reason, I'd always kept to River Island or Topshop for my summer specs.

I have not had the best luck with glasses, it took me near to 3 years before I submitted and bought my first pair (D&G, rimless,clear arms,and unobtrusive). The problem, you see, is my head. It is small. This mean that to find glasses, that don't stick out at ungodly angles or take over my entire face, is near impossible- unless, of course, I don't mind Harry Potter frames (which I really do mind thank you!). I had my heart set on some heavy black statement frames, this unfortunately was not meant to be.

My opinion on sunglasses is quite the opposite to my stance on glasses. My small face will not stop me from having big beautiful frames. So, after they told me my 'new degree of blindness', I bought a new pair of half rimmed Chanel frames (which I hardly wear if I'm to be honest). My eyes don't adjust well to changes in brightness, so I was recommend prescription sunglasses. I mused over the sunglasses cabinet, and saw these beautiful Fendi (Style FS5184, as pictured above) sunglasses staring up at me. 
It was love at first sight. So I ordered them. Two weeks later my new glasses arrived at my door. They were amazing. I could see everything. They are a tortoise shell design; this suits my pale complexion much better than black. They are also, ever-so-slightly, curved, this means my small head is not an issue what-so-ever.  

I have lost them about 3 times, but they are ever faithful, and they always find there way back to me. They are a classic style that can be worn with anything. Fingers crossed they will stay in my possession for many summers to come.



Monday, 25 June 2012

Let me introduce you to Lauren.

Lauren is a fellow Brit, and a fellow blonde. I met Lauren in London at the Korean Embassy. I remember somewhat drawling over a rather nice brown/camel jacket she was wearing. Lauren is rather well traveled. She has has lived in China, Spain, England (of course!), South Korea, Australia, and is now living in Thailand ( I have probably missed somewhere off that list). Lauren has a blog Lauren Wherever. Check it out to see where her adventures will take her next.

Click on the postcard to see what she had to say about the beauty and fashion side of Korean living.



Saturday, 23 June 2012

In a post earlier this month, I mentioned I would be talking so some of my fellow expats here in Korea.
So, here goes:

Let me introduce you to Nancy. 

Nancy is one of the most helpful (and beautiful) people I have had the pleasure of meeting here. She is an amazing photographer and has a real eye for elegance and beauty. Here are her thoughts of life, fashion and beauty here in Korea. Click on the post card to see what she had to say.

(Nancy has informed me she will be starting a Lookbook soon - I will post details when I know more!)


Hello Sunshine

Friday, 22 June 2012

I am probably as pale as you can get - without being officially diagnosed as an albino. My dermatologist even referred to me as "a lady of near translucent skin". This, combined with my overtly sensitive skin, means that bronzer and blushers are like declaring World War III on my face. Ingredients like talc and oil cause me nothing but irritation and breakouts.

I was recommended Bobbi Brown cosmetics by my dermatologist (after coming off some rather harsh skin medication). So off I trotted to Jolly's in Bath - my nearest Bobbi Brown counter. I bought their Tinted Moisturiser (Extra Light Tint- a little bit darker than tipex..). I didn't opt for the oil free, as following my dermatology treatment my skin was still a little drier than normal.

The sheer cream works wonders. It evens out my skin tone, and combined with their Face Touch Up Stick, (Cool Beige 3.25), it leaves my skin with just the right amount of coverage.

I was happy to discover that I really didn't need to wear an inch of foundation to achieve the 'natural' look. And even happier that this was because my skin had improved following the treatment. Anyone who has suffered any kind of skin ailment will understand what I mean.

There was however one problem - Colour. I needed some colour in my face! I told the Bobbi Brown girls my dilemma with irritation and wondered what they would suggest. Thank the Lord these girls were not just after sales. One of the girls recommended a Chanel product, a bronzing makeup base, that she believed to be talc free.

Soleil Tan De Chanel Bronze Universel has been my faithful companion since that day. It is so nice when you know they've heard your needs and not just the 'ting' of their tills.

So, to cut a long story short, I bought it. And oh how I love it! I can use it with 0% irritation and maximum impact. It can be blended on top of my tinted moisturiser or worn alone. I use a blusher brush and dab it around the contours of my face where the sun would naturally hit - well if I actually tanned. I can use as much or as little as I want -perfect!

Happy Fake Sun Days.


Trials, Tribulations, and Triumph

Monday, 18 June 2012

Moving from England to Korea has been a huge eye opener in many ways, and none more so in terms of my beauty regime. I am a self-confessed Boots addict- any excuse to buy new beauty products, and of course earn some advantage points. When it comes to make up, the beauty counters at Jolly’s in Bath have become a somewhat haven to me. I am a high-street shopper through and through, this I guess mainly to do with my purse string-restrictions. I am a regular at Topshop, and love Reiss, Zara, Dune, and a zillion other stores.

So what happens when suddenly there is no Boots, and there is no Jolly’s, and there is NO UK high-street…?

Well this is what happened when I moved to Seoul, and over the next few weeks I am going to tell you how I coped. I have also been talking to a few of my friends here, to get their input on the fashion/beauty side of becoming an expat.


Layla (래라)

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

For those of you who haven't noticed, I have adopted a white cloud of Pomeranian. She goes by the name of Layla - or 래라 in Korean.

Layla is a cross of (as Joe so eloquently put); a marshmallow, a wolf, and a cloud. But, to the average onlooker, Layla is a white miniature Pomeranian, and today is her 1st birthday. As it is her birthday I thought I would do what any 'proud guardian' would- and bore you all with some snaps of Layla and her first 6 months of intensive English etiquette training...

Layla showing off her Christmas jumper.

Snoozing after a long walk.

Posing for the camera!

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