A Glass Full of Bubbly

Thursday, 29 November 2012

I have two, rather gorgeous, bubbly additions to my Pandora charm bracelet. 

My boyfriend, being the amazing boyfriend he is, surprised me with a new bracelet a few months ago (after I lost the first one en route to Paris..) - complete with a cute silver hippo charm. He calls me hippo when I reach for the chocolate or hog the duvet.. I can't think why..?

These two fabulous bubble glass charms are designed and made by Lawson Lampwork.
Susan Lawson - who, when she isn't showing me the ropes at work, spends her time creating glass masterpieces. 

Sue makes a whole host of beautiful beads and jewelry. Her beads are truly unique and hand made in her home studio. What a talented lady.

The design of these bubbly creations, quite perfectly, is called Champagne -and they really do look like tiny captured champagne bubbles.

You can buy these, and many more, wonderful designs at Sue's Etsy shop. Use code SUZIE10 to get 10% off your order. They make great gifts and you can request custom designs and colours. You can also find her amazing designs on facebook - it's like looking in a candy shop.

Thanks to Sue's generosity, I greedily have both Champagne and Rose Champagne. 
A girl can never have enough champagne - can she?

Champagne Silver Core Charm Bead £11 

Rose Champagne Silver Core Charm Bead £11


It's Loafer Time

Friday, 16 November 2012

This week has been as grey as grey can be. It's been cold and rainy. So, being the smart girl I am, I decided to wear a pair of pink suede ballerinas. Needles to say, the ballerinas are no more.. sob..

But on a brighter note, I happened upon these yellow patent loafers. They are very cheap - but all the more cheerful. I'm not really an advocate of cheap shoes - they last a shorter amount of time than chocolate in my fridge. However, when I ran into Primark to grab a cheap pair of pumps to walk home in, after the devastation that was my raspberry pink suede ballerinas, (very many hard feelings there), these loafers were actually glowing on the shelf. A bit of sunshine on a very rainy day. They were the grand total of one pound - yes £1 or 1GBP. Wowza.. but then again they are plastic..

They are just so pretty, I keep admiring them. Although, as they were so cheap, and from Primark, I'm a little scared to wear them outside in case they really do fall apart. Yes that's right, I ended up wearing the ruined ballerinas home to save the pound shoes..

These loafers are something Paddington Bear would be proud of. 


Pucker Up

Sunday, 11 November 2012

When I was offered an EOS lip balm and hand cream I couldn't say yes fast enough.

I had admired the cute lip balms from-a-far in Korea. I had no idea they were available here in the UK. 
Nor did I know anything about them if I’m to be honest – more a childish fascination with their quirky kinder-egg-esk design. And really, a little delight does come inside every pot.

The EOS lip balm comes in a variety of colours and flavours - and is 97% natural. The little egg contains a ball of tasty lip balm. 

I have been smothering my lips with the sweet mint lip balm. It is deliciously minty. I like it even more because there is no tingle. I am not a fan of lip balm tingle.  It really is sweet like candy. I did find myself licking it off now and then or craving soft mints. It's a good job you get a lot of product for your money.

 As a lip balm it’s pretty damn good – pretty being the operative word. It isn't heavy and soaks into the lips. There was no sticky residue just minty freshness.

EOS also do a few hand creams - in a rather cool pebble design.

The pebble shaped cucumber hand cream was the matching colour to my minty balm - so I've had both in my handbag. The small ergonomic packaging makes it ideal for your bag. The smell was fresh and clean – only to be expected of cucumber scent. The hand cream was very light and not greasy. Personally, I get pretty dry hands and like a richer hand cream especially in the winter - so I did keep applying this one. 

The EOS range can be bought in the UK from Cocktail Cosmetics – a funky independent online cosmetic shop. The website is full of beauty indulgences.

I think I’m definitely going to be stocking up on the EOS lip balms for the mistletoe seasons.. mwah..

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