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Thursday, 31 January 2013

I love the idea of lipstick. To me it's the epitome of femininity and glamour. The idea that a little bit of colour can transform your look and add a finishing touch makes me just swoon..  

I have always struggled with lipstick. I suffer from slightly dry lips and found that some lipstick can dry them even more. This is not a good look as the colour can look patchy and make your lips look cracked.
 I usually have to mix my lipstick with a clear gloss, or a heavy lip balm, to stop this from happening. 
No matt lips for me.

I am currently on a medication called Roaccutane. Which, for those lucky enough to have never heard of, is to help with blemished skin (I hate the A word). It's quite a harsh drug and one of the side effects is dry skin and lips. I am quite lucky as my skin really wasn't too bad and could easily be concealed by makeup - but I thought I'd give it a go and I'm currently on my second course (if you want any recommendations for products whilst on this or anything else then get in touch). 

Being on a lip drying drug means wearing lipstick can be very difficult - bahh humbug...

I was recently introduced to the cosmetic brand A.K.A. It's a brand I hadn't heard of before. It's a UK brand with the majority of it's products made in the UK - which, as I'm especially patriotic, I love.

The A.K.A lipstick's are fab. They really are full of moisture and come in great colours. 
I am loving the clean design of the packing - I'm a strong believer that what's inside a makeup bag should look as good as the bag itself.

The colours I have been wearing are Crushed and Flirt. They are pretty good value at £7.50, (if you click the image it'll take you to their site), and do not require me to mix them up with any gloss - even on my medication - just dab of Vaseline on a really dry day.

Crushed is a lovely cute peachy-pink colour. It's not hugely peach or hugely pink - meaning it's quite a subtle colour and works great as a day-to-day lipstick.

Flirt is a vamp-ish red. Being blonde, and whiter than white, I find finding a red lipstick pretty difficult. There are so many undertones to red lipstick - a lot are purple which is a huge no no for me. This one is a pink-red which, I think, works well for me. It's a great lipstick for cocktails or dinner dates. The colour lasts really well - but it can transfer a little- but most high pigment lipsticks do.

I currently have my eye on their pinky L'Amour colour which I may invest in next.

I do have a little secret for improving the wear and moister level of lip stick, or just your lips in general (great if you are on Roaccutane), and I will post about it soon.

In the meantime, I will  leave you with one word. Nipple.


Flirt and Crushed.

Flirt and Crushed.

Flirt and Crushed.



Snowy Days

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

We've had some crazy snowy weather in the last week and I feel these two pictures sum up my weekend rather well. 

My Pom Layla LOVED the snow - she was eating it, and digging in it, and jumping in it too. She kept disappearing into the white though - this I did not find so much fun. A miniature white pom in snow is like a rather fluffy needle in a haystack. 

I took her picture on my new Nikon DSLR camera. My boyfriend bought me the camera for Christmas and I love it. It took a LONG LONG time to snap this one - she just wouldn't keep still. 

The rest of the weekend included vast quantities of hot chocolate with lavish helpings of cream in my favourite floral cup.. yummy.. and watching movies with Kevin and Layla.

Talking clothes - I lived in my Laura Ashley wellington boots, and my vintage fur coat -when I did venture out for a walk with my boyfriend and the dogs. Thought of the weekend? - I need to invest in a hat and ear muffs.. brrr..

I hope you all had fun in the snow- what did you do?

The Lovely Layla after eating some snow.

My scrummy hot chocolate..


Happy 2013

Thursday, 17 January 2013

A belated Happy 2013 to everyone! 

I have been hunting for the perfect diary. I wanted one that had enough room to write appointments and meetings in with out compromising my humongous handwriting.

  I happened upon this rather fancy A5 diary, by Paperblanks, in Waterstones for about £11.
 I think it's probably the poshest diary I've ever owned.

The paper quality is amazing. It's a week per double page view and has appointment times running down it's length. There is a birthday section and a conversion section - you have no idea how useful a conversion section is when you're baking or buying clothes abroad.

There is also a handy address book that slips in a back pocket and a good sized notes section.

Here's hoping for an organised 2013..



Monday, 7 January 2013

I found these little gems, or rather fake gems, in New Look on sale for £2 (along with a few other bits to be blogged about soon).

They are a little garish - but I just couldn't help myself (as seems to constantly be the case).

After admiring the jewellery in the V&A, and drooling over Princess Diana's dress, I feel their purchase was even more justifiable - and they were only £2!

 The remind my of an age gone by and a, less classy, take on Princess Diana's engagement ring.

 I'm not going to lie, when I got home I put my hair in a bun and tried them on in front of the mirror.. with different regal poses.. for longer than I care to admit.. 


The V&A - Ballgowns: British Glamour Since 1950

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Yesterday I spent a wonderful day out, with my Mother, at my favourite London haunt 
- the Victoria and Albert Museum.

The museum's fashion section boasts a splendid collection of clothing and footwear. 
We decided to visit the Ballgowns: British glamour since 1950 exhibition before it ended on the 6th of Jan.

The exhibition was brilliant. I haven't been to the museum since they re-launched the fashion rooms - but they looked fantastic. 

The exhibition contained some amazing iconic dresses; including a beautifully embellished Norman Hartnell dress worn by the Queen Mother, and the famous Catherine Walker pearl dress worn by Princess Diana. The collection included dresses from the 1950's up to modern day red-carpet numbers.

One of the most breathtaking dresses in the exhibition was by Alexander McQueen. The lilac-grey duck and ostrich feather dress, from the S/S 2011 collection, was simply stunning.

The exhibition was only on for a limited time. But never fear -if you missed it there is always the Fashion Rooms which are equally wonderful and open all year round.

Unfortunately you aren't allowed to take pictures in the ticketed exhibitions (the one above is a press image) - but you can in Fashion Room.

So, here are my favourite pieces from the Fashion Room at the V&A.

A 1930's Wool Jersey Bikini.

A 1930's Machine Knitted Swim Suit.

A 1930's Linen Beach Trouser Suit.

1950's Dior Fan, Shoe and Bodice.

1880's Jacket - Silk Voided Velvet Trimmed with Arctic Fox Fur and Chenille Fringe. 

1940's Utility Shoes.

A 1760/70's Silk Damask Dress.

1770's Silk and Leather Shoes and Buckle.

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