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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

How does Meta Therapy work?
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Working as a Beauty Editor definitely has some fab perks, getting to try new and excitement treatments is by far the best one.

Working with Total Swindon means I've been able to work with some fantastic experts in the beauty field, and none more so than Caroline from Bloomin Beautiful (a rather fabulous beauticians based in Swindon).

I first went into Bloomin Beautiful to experience an Environ Facial and skin scan - which was great. You can read my full review here. The skin scan was a great way of really looking into your skin's health, and was very useful in helping you decide on the right products best suited for your skin type.

My biggest problem, apart from dreaded hormonal breakouts, is the slight scaring I have on my cheeks and forehead. I had never really thought much about how to improve the appearance of these, as I assumed the only way would be expensive (and painful) laser treatment.

That is before I was introduced to Dermatude - which I really knew very little about. Dermatude is a type of Meta Therapy that involves making lots of tiny, (as in so small you can’t see them), micro-perforations on the top layer of the skin. Now this might sound painful, but I can assure you it really wasn’t too bad at all – waxing hurts a lot more!

These teeny tiny holes in the skin cause your body to start its ‘natural repair mechanisms’ - which kick start the skin into producing collagen and elastin to repair the perforations. The treatment actually gives you a double whammy of regeneration-boosting goodness - by combining the ‘micro perforations’ with an active serum which gets really deep within the skin to give you even better results.

I listen to the great advice from Caroline at Bloomin, and did some research. I read some truly fantastic reviews and decided to give it a go. Caroline gave my face a full cleanse and went over a full questionnaire to It was a really weird feeling, and it was more uncomfortable that painful, although there were a couple of places on my forehead that made me wince (it’s meant to be more uncomfortable on the thinner areas of skin like the forehead).

Caroline performed the treatment on me herself. She was really thorough and explained exactly what was going on. Caroline is a complete expert with this type of treatment and I couldn't recommend her enough. She gave me fab after care advice and also a sample of Jane Iredale BB cream - which being mineral (and actually mineral not just claiming to be) was okay to wear after the treatment. I thought this was really kind of her and she also gave me a sample of the Dermatude moisturiser and Jane Iredale primer so I could see how i got on with with. I must say, I am loving the BB cream. It has great coverage - but it's light and buidlable which is exactly what I look for in a base product. 

I was recommended a course of treatments with Caroline to get the best results on my scaring - which I would really love to try. The treatments are quite reasonable at £65 each - but i'm inquiring into the price for a course. Fingers crossed it's within my budget.

For more information on the products and treatments offered by the experts at Bloomin Beautiful you can check out their site here.

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