New Chanel Specs

Sunday, 26 July 2015

New glasses are always a reason to get excited, and when they're also Chanel that's even more cause for celebration.

Having been solidly etched into my late 20s, my eyesight has started to get a little worse. I blame age and years of working in front of a computer screen.
Either way, glasses have started to become a staple part of my working life - and a driving essential.

Wearing glasses is pretty darn good. It's just another way to add fun accessories to my wardrobe. I'm no one look pony, I like to have a few pairs to play around with. Well, why ever not? You wouldn't wear the same shoes everyday would you?

From rimless to neon yellow frames, I love to have a mix to match my mood and outfit.

My latest addition to my collection is this rather lovely pair of Chanel glasses from Pret A Voir which is one of the best places to buy designer glasses online. 

They have an incredible collection of shades and specs - for him and her. From Chanel to Tom Ford, if it's worth having they have it.

What I also like about this online glasses shop is the price. You can often find some great frames (and lenses too) for a lot better value than you would on the high street.

I bought these fab Chanel frames (Style: 3315 1520 Beige) with prescription lenses for under £200! What is also great is the speed at which they were delivered. I had them on my desk at work within 48 hours of ordering - result. I'd highly recommend shopping there to anyone.

I love these frames as they are chunky and big, but nude and not face-engulfing. The perfect balance of on trend elegance. 

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