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A.K.A Lippy

Thursday, 31 January 2013

I love the idea of lipstick. To me it's the epitome of femininity and glamour. The idea that a little bit of colour can transform your look and add a finishing touch makes me just swoon..  

I have always struggled with lipstick. I suffer from slightly dry lips and found that some lipstick can dry them even more. This is not a good look as the colour can look patchy and make your lips look cracked.
 I usually have to mix my lipstick with a clear gloss, or a heavy lip balm, to stop this from happening. 
No matt lips for me.

I am currently on a medication called Roaccutane. Which, for those lucky enough to have never heard of, is to help with blemished skin (I hate the A word). It's quite a harsh drug and one of the side effects is dry skin and lips. I am quite lucky as my skin really wasn't too bad and could easily be concealed by makeup - but I thought I'd give it a go and I'm currently on my second course (if you want any recommendations for products whilst on this or anything else then get in touch). 

Being on a lip drying drug means wearing lipstick can be very difficult - bahh humbug...

I was recently introduced to the cosmetic brand A.K.A. It's a brand I hadn't heard of before. It's a UK brand with the majority of it's products made in the UK - which, as I'm especially patriotic, I love.

The A.K.A lipstick's are fab. They really are full of moisture and come in great colours. 
I am loving the clean design of the packing - I'm a strong believer that what's inside a makeup bag should look as good as the bag itself.

The colours I have been wearing are Crushed and Flirt. They are pretty good value at £7.50, (if you click the image it'll take you to their site), and do not require me to mix them up with any gloss - even on my medication - just dab of Vaseline on a really dry day.

Crushed is a lovely cute peachy-pink colour. It's not hugely peach or hugely pink - meaning it's quite a subtle colour and works great as a day-to-day lipstick.

Flirt is a vamp-ish red. Being blonde, and whiter than white, I find finding a red lipstick pretty difficult. There are so many undertones to red lipstick - a lot are purple which is a huge no no for me. This one is a pink-red which, I think, works well for me. It's a great lipstick for cocktails or dinner dates. The colour lasts really well - but it can transfer a little- but most high pigment lipsticks do.

I currently have my eye on their pinky L'Amour colour which I may invest in next.

I do have a little secret for improving the wear and moister level of lip stick, or just your lips in general (great if you are on Roaccutane), and I will post about it soon.

In the meantime, I will  leave you with one word. Nipple.


Flirt and Crushed.

Flirt and Crushed.

Flirt and Crushed.