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Your Shoes Will Guide You..

Saturday, 9 March 2013

It's been almost 6 months since I left Korea now, but It feels like a life time ago. Someday's I miss it more than others. There is, however, one thing I miss everyday - the good friends I made. 

The Korean co-teachers I was lucky enough to work with will always be held fondly in my mind. Their kindness and generosity was second to none. Moving five and a half thousand miles away would have been a lot harder, and lonelier, without their support and friendship. 

On leaving Korea I was overwhelmed with well wishes and gifts. 

My wonderful co-teacher Joanne treated me to a manicure; regrettably I can't fine the picture I took. I opted for fuchsia pink tips that faded softly down my nails - with, of course, some sparkle. 

I have already blogged about the Union Jack bracelet the lovely Tina made for me, and have been meaning to blog about these since then.. 

The lovely Julia, Rebecca, and Jessie treated me to a gorgeous pair of red shoes. 

I thought their words would be the perfect way to end this post. To give an insight into the kindness of these wonderful friends I have left behind...

'...First of all, we wish you good luck. In Korea, people believe nice shoes will guide someone in a good way! Wherever you're headed, you will have a great future..."