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Thursday, 7 March 2013

I go through a t-shirt overhaul twice yearly. A white t-shirt is undoubtedly one of the most wearable items of clothing. As I wasn't short changed in the chest department, t-shirts are great as they tend to fit better than shirts. 

I have spent countless hours trying on white shirts - and these hours were generally followed by hours of grumping and complaining. I am yet to find a good white shirt that doesn't gape across the bust or hang like a tent. Seriously, any help here would be great, I can't be the only one??

So, I've half given up trying to get a white shirt and have been sticking to t-shirts. My wardrobe essential is a clean-cut smart white, or cream, t-shirt. I find them so versatile. I like to tuck them into cute skirts or chuck them on with some skinny jeans. I love them. You can wear a sparkly, or loud printed, skirt or trousers and, by adding a simple t-shirt, you can dress it down. Thus making sequins skirts an acceptable day outfit - although I have yet to convinced the boyfriend on this matter.

Whist hunting through my local H&M I happened upon these two cute t-shirts (sorry about the bad pics). You can buy them online here. They are clean cut, and have a feminine yet simple silhouette. They have a smarter, more tailored, edge with their sheer top and zipped back. They are loose fitting and very soft. Perfect to dress up or down.

I bought a cream one and a soft pink one. I'm sure I will end up buying another one in another colour - i'm a complete sucker for that (and I was eyeing up the electric blue one). Mind you, at £7.99 a pop, I say fill your boots! Although, if you are like me, you'll probably end up buying a new pair of boots to fill, which I must confess I did.. post to come soon.


25% off at H&M

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

I don't know about you, but I always spend ages looking online in the vain hope of a discount code when making an online purchase. Well, H&M kindly emailed me this fab offer: 25% off an item of your choice! 

Here is the code - sharing is caring after all...

*This offer is only valid on new orders at  It can not be combined with any other offers or discounts and does not apply to items with reduced or campaign prices.