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Steamcream - Dream Cream

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

This is a product I have been meaning to write about for a VERY long time. I do like to make sure I've tried and tested before I write a review - but this is way over due.

Steamcream was introduced to me at the end of last year. It comes in an AMAZING tin, and there are sooo many different designs. The tin design I have is called Ayame. It's named Streamcream due to the way it's made- using steam!

Steamcream is an all-in-one moisture cream for face, body and hands. It's all natural and is also vegan friendly - this means that none of the ingredients are from an animal or tested on animals. The cream contains lovely ingredients like oatmeal, orange follower water, chamomile blue essential oil and lavender. It really does smell like a dream!

I have had this little tin in my handbag for the last few months. It's a great size for portability, and with it's multiple uses is perfect for travel. 

I have been using the cream more on my body than face. It contains oils and I worry that it could be a little rich for my skin type. 

I have used it one my face a couple of times, before bed, for a deep moisture boost. The lavender smell is really relaxing when drifting off to sleep.

 It left my skin feeling soft, supple and really well hydrated by morning. It is a really light cream and doesn't feel sticky. I wouldn't wear this on my face every night as I am prone to breakouts. However, it was really good for my sensitive skin and hasn't given me any irritation. I mainly use it if I get any dry skin - it's fab on elbows and knees! 

This is a product that is going to stay firmly in my beauty collection, and I have a feeling it's going to be one of those where I keep the tin way after the product is used up. Yes i'm a self confessed hoarder..

You can buy this cute tin from Feel Unique for £12.95 in all kinds of fun deigns. 
Which design do you like?