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It's Loafer Time

Friday, 16 November 2012

This week has been as grey as grey can be. It's been cold and rainy. So, being the smart girl I am, I decided to wear a pair of pink suede ballerinas. Needles to say, the ballerinas are no more.. sob..

But on a brighter note, I happened upon these yellow patent loafers. They are very cheap - but all the more cheerful. I'm not really an advocate of cheap shoes - they last a shorter amount of time than chocolate in my fridge. However, when I ran into Primark to grab a cheap pair of pumps to walk home in, after the devastation that was my raspberry pink suede ballerinas, (very many hard feelings there), these loafers were actually glowing on the shelf. A bit of sunshine on a very rainy day. They were the grand total of one pound - yes £1 or 1GBP. Wowza.. but then again they are plastic..

They are just so pretty, I keep admiring them. Although, as they were so cheap, and from Primark, I'm a little scared to wear them outside in case they really do fall apart. Yes that's right, I ended up wearing the ruined ballerinas home to save the pound shoes..

These loafers are something Paddington Bear would be proud of.