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Review // The Body Shop Nutriganics Smoothing Eye Cream

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

This year I celebrated my 27th birthday, and although I am by no means old, it got me thinking about anti-aging.

When should we start thinking about this?

I think it's important to start thinking about anti-aging before it happens - prevention is better than cure after all!

I have heard people say you should start wearing anti-aging products in your early twenties - which I definitely didn't do! I have been careful to limit my sun exposure, I don't smoke and I rarely drink - all things renowned to aggravate the aging process.

Hitting 27, and my skin having started to settle, I thought it was about time I at least gave it a thought. Until recently I was still looking for anti-blemish over anti-ageing - so I didn't really pay that much attention to anti-aging products! One thing that has always worried me about anti-aging skin care is the richness of the creams. For someone like me, who has suffered from blemish prone skin, I am always cautious about what I put on my face through fear of provoking breakouts. Heavy oily creams have always been a no no.

Having done my research, it became apparent that the delicate skin around the eyes was one of the most noticeable areas of facial aging. I starting looking into anti-aging eye creams, and oh boy there are a lot out there!

I ended up purchasing The Body Shop's Nutriganics Smoothing Eye Cream at £14. It was by chance that I ended up seeing this product - I was given a £10 off a £20 spend voucher and thought i'd stock up on some bits. I will add here that I am really glad I did find this cream, I love it and will be replacing it when it runs out.

The cream is not designed to just 'reduce the appearance of fine lines' - which so many products claim to do, instead it is designed for the first signs of aging. It soothes the eye area leaving it soft and supple without being heavy or sticky. Keeping the eye area well hydrated is key to reducing the onset of wrinkles. The cream's ingredients are 99% of natural origin - which is always a plus.

My eyes feel fresher, and my make-up applies really well over this product. I don't actually have any fine lines around my eyes - so I cannot comment on that. But I have seen an improvement in the appearance of my under eye skin.  I would recommend this product for anyone in their twenties as a fab first eye cream.

Fingers crossed it will be a while before I have to up my anti-aging game!

What anti-aging skin care do you use?

Review // Romantic Birthday Getaway at Thornbury Castle Part 3

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Welcome to the final part of my Thornbury Castle review. I have saved the best until last.. the restaurant. You can read part one and part two here.

Thornbury Castle's restaurant is truly fantastic. The food is incredible. It doesn't come cheap - but then you do get what you pay for. The dinner menu rocks in at £50pp excluding drinks. But - it is honestly worth it.

Review // Romantic Birthday Getaway at Thornbury Castle Part 2

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

If you read the first post in this series (if not read it here), you'll know that I took my boyfriend for a surprise night away to the amazing Thornbury Castle. I took so many pictures, and the hotel was so great, that I decided to split it up into three posts; The Room, The Grounds and The Restaurant.

I think the grounds speak for themselves, so here they are:

Review // Romantic Birthday Getaway at Thornbury Castle Part 1

Monday, 5 May 2014

A couple of weeks ago I surprised my other half Kevin with an overnight stay at the highly renowned Thornbury Castle Hotel for his Birthday. Kevin loves history, castles, the Tudors, unique luxury hotels and good food. So, with this in mind, Thornbury Castle fitted the brief perfectly.

I first came across the Castle after reading an article on Total Bristol - following their victorious win, again, of Small Hotel of the Year 2013 in the Bristol Tourism and Hospitality Awards. The hotel is situated in the small (emphasize small) town of Thornbury in South Gloucestershire. The building dates back to the 1500's (but has obviously undergone renovations and updates since then). Apparently, it's not a 'true castle' but more a Tudor country house - but either way it's pretty fantastic! It even boasts a visit from King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn.

Kevin has no idea I had booked this surprise stay until the day we were due to leave. I do love a good surprise! Anyways, off we headed.

The breathtaking hotel is hidden just behind a beautiful old church, on a narrow winding road. It is set in preened green gardens and it really is a gorgeous building! I ended up taking so many photos that I am splitting this post up into three; Our room, The Grounds and The Restaurant.

Our Room - The Bedford

We parked the car up (although there was valet parking) and headed to reception to check in. We were staying in one of the hotel's 'Deluxe rooms' called The Bedford - and it really was deluxe. We headed out of reception, across the pretty courtyard, to the little tower and up a winding spiral staircase to an old oak door (okay, so i don't know if it was actually oak - but it's setting the atmosphere right??).

We put the old fashioned key in the door and were greeted by the most amazing hotel room I have ever seen. A gigantic four posted bed adorned with luxurious red velvet and gold piping was situated to the left of the room, the stone walls were decorated with old tapestries, guild mirrors and period paintings. To the right of the room, in pride of place, was a large gas fireplace, two couches, a TV (in an old fashion cabinet) and a complimentary decanter of sherry. The room had wonderful wooden floors with large traditional rugs and it was simply incredible.

At the back of the room was a small door way. This lead through to the huge bathroom. For me bathrooms are just as important as the hotel room, and I'm pleased to report that the Bedford's bathroom was lovely. It was large, clean and decorated to a high standard with wonderfully fragrant toiletries. It had a huge sink, a big shower cubical and a separate bath. I was slightly disappointed in one thing - there were no mini toiletries! I love getting to a hotel and using their mini products - there is something about a mini product that I just love. (I've even ended up buying products after using them in a hotel and they are always brilliant for your carry on luggage when you fly). They did have lovely products though. The brand they used was VOYA - which is a lovely organic spa range. They were in large bottles and it was cleared stated if you took them home you'd be charged.. so we just enjoyed them there.

The bed was lovely and comfy, the bedding was crisp and clean and there wasn't a sound to be heard. We really did love the room and had a great night sleep - after enjoying dinner in their fabulous restaurant and a cheeky bottle of a delicious Bordeaux.

Stay tuned for the restaurant review (including rhubarb vodka, the perfect chocolate fondant and mouthwatering peppered loin on venison), and some snaps of their picturesque grounds.

Here are our room pictures, enjoy...


Event // Revolution Bath Relaunch

Thursday, 27 February 2014

When an email from the lovely Abi at Bath's Revolution Bar popped into my inbox I got very excited. She kindly invited me, and a couple of chums, to the Revolution Bath re-launch party to celebrate their trendy refurbishment. 

Review // Wrappz iPhone 5s Case

Friday, 8 November 2013

I was recently contacted by the lovely people from and asked if I'd like to pick a product to review. After having a browse online, and seeing how amazing the quality of their products were, I was quick to say yes!

Review // The Royale Beautique

Sunday, 13 October 2013

I had a fabulous experience at the Royale Beautique when I reviewed the salon for Total Guide To's 'Tried and Tested'.