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Caviar, darling?

Thursday, 25 April 2013

The lovely people at Skin Shop have sent me over a rather exciting new product to sample - 
The new SMask Korean Caviar Mask.

Having spent some time living in Korea, I was really exciting to read about this product. I have used various Korean face masks before and found the fact they actually are masks, and not just a cream or paste, a little bit too exciting!

Here is a little bit of what got me excited about this product:

"Unlike traditional face masks, Korean film masks are actual silicone masks infused with skin rejuvenating ingredients that slowly dissolve into the skin. The encapsulation of the skin under the dissolvable silicone mask means that the ingredients in the mask penetrate deeply into every crevice of skin, giving a salon-standard result... 

Smask Caviar Film Masks give skin an instant luxurious boost that leaves skin looking immediately rejuvenated and softer while smoothing out the appearance of fine dry lines."

I can't wait to try it out! It comes in a pack of three so I think I may have to indulge in a pamper sesh with a friend and some champers, of course.

You can buy the face masks, hand masks, and eye masks (yes they have thought of it all) at

Review to follow soon..