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Snowy Days

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

We've had some crazy snowy weather in the last week and I feel these two pictures sum up my weekend rather well. 

My Pom Layla LOVED the snow - she was eating it, and digging in it, and jumping in it too. She kept disappearing into the white though - this I did not find so much fun. A miniature white pom in snow is like a rather fluffy needle in a haystack. 

I took her picture on my new Nikon DSLR camera. My boyfriend bought me the camera for Christmas and I love it. It took a LONG LONG time to snap this one - she just wouldn't keep still. 

The rest of the weekend included vast quantities of hot chocolate with lavish helpings of cream in my favourite floral cup.. yummy.. and watching movies with Kevin and Layla.

Talking clothes - I lived in my Laura Ashley wellington boots, and my vintage fur coat -when I did venture out for a walk with my boyfriend and the dogs. Thought of the weekend? - I need to invest in a hat and ear muffs.. brrr..

I hope you all had fun in the snow- what did you do?

The Lovely Layla after eating some snow.

My scrummy hot chocolate..