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Makeup // Chanel Nail Polish in Elixir

Monday, 26 August 2013

I was so excited to get my hands on this nail polish - especially as it's called Elixir! It's one of three new additions the the Chanel range and is part of their Superstition range for A/W13.

It's wears really well, you get a full coverage in one coat. Previously, I have been a little disappointed with the lack of pigment in some of Chanel's other colours - needing almost 4 coats to get a solid colour is never a good thing. This one however is packed with pigment and is solid in one clean sweep. The colour is a little deeper than in the pic - which makes it look a little pale. It's kinda like a mixed raspberry-cherry red toned down a little. I think it's fab - it's not so cherry red it glows and it's not so raspberry that it's pink. Perfect if you ask me!

A/W13 will be dominated with red nails and simple eyes. This is a great excuse for me to add to my somewhat limited red nail polish collection.

What nail polishes have caught your eyes of late? Do you have a favourite red shade? I'd love to know!


What's In My New Steve Madden Bowling Bag?

Monday, 13 May 2013

On a recent trip into TKMaxx, I purchased this cute cream bowling bag by Steve Madden for about £30. I wanted a medium sized bag that I could use for work. I commute to and from work on the train, it's about an hour each way so I needed a bag big enough to carry some supplies - but not soo big that I would take my kitchen sink to work everyday. I'm one of those bag people that will always fill their bag to bursting.

I really liked this bag for a couple of reason. The first, It's a great in-between size. It's big enough to put a book or bottle of water in - even a small pair of ballerinas - but it's not big enough to put an entire outfit, a 3 course meal and a hair dryer.. not that I would ordinarily try and put these things in my bag. It's also got a zip compartment for personals or valuables and two pockets on the opposite side - perfect for keeping my train pass in. 

The secondly reason is I loved the off-cream colour. It's a soft patent and isn't too stiff or ridged. It has a lovely blue and cream lining which I also love. This will work wonderfully with cute tea dresses and other spring clothing delights.

The final thing that drew me to part with my money was the handles. It has both a detectable shoulder strap and carry handles. This comes in very handy when one is running to catch a train- in a rather un-lady-like fashion.. 

I thought I would also give you a little insight to the content of my new bag. These are the essentials of what I take with me - I wonder how long it will stay this organised...   

What's in my bag 
  1. Metallic Pouch (H&M) - I use this to keep my headphones, charger cables and my portable wifi 'thing'organised.
  2. Carex Hand Anti-Bac Hand Gel 
  3. Beau Jardin Rose and Geranium hand cream  (Heathcote and Ivory) This smells divine and is a fab product.  
  4. My Makeup Bag - The bag is just a cheap one from from Primark - I just loved the design.
  5. Chanel Reading/Driving glasses - so I can see!
  6. Galaxy Tab 2 7inch - I use this tablet for internet browsing and watching TV shows or movies whilst on the train. It isn't 3G so I have to use my Three Wifi 'thing' to connect on the go.
  7. PEPPERSMITH Mints (Sainsbury's)- so I'm always minty fresh! 
  8. Pocket Tissues - I'm not sure where these were from - they were a gift from a friend.
  9. Nail File - You'd be surprised how many times people ask to borrow this.
  10. Pink Accessorize Purse - I've had this for years, it was a present from my boyfriend.
I'd love to know what you keep in your bags?


Hello Sunshine

Friday, 22 June 2012

I am probably as pale as you can get - without being officially diagnosed as an albino. My dermatologist even referred to me as "a lady of near translucent skin". This, combined with my overtly sensitive skin, means that bronzer and blushers are like declaring World War III on my face. Ingredients like talc and oil cause me nothing but irritation and breakouts.

I was recommended Bobbi Brown cosmetics by my dermatologist (after coming off some rather harsh skin medication). So off I trotted to Jolly's in Bath - my nearest Bobbi Brown counter. I bought their Tinted Moisturiser (Extra Light Tint- a little bit darker than tipex..). I didn't opt for the oil free, as following my dermatology treatment my skin was still a little drier than normal.

The sheer cream works wonders. It evens out my skin tone, and combined with their Face Touch Up Stick, (Cool Beige 3.25), it leaves my skin with just the right amount of coverage.

I was happy to discover that I really didn't need to wear an inch of foundation to achieve the 'natural' look. And even happier that this was because my skin had improved following the treatment. Anyone who has suffered any kind of skin ailment will understand what I mean.

There was however one problem - Colour. I needed some colour in my face! I told the Bobbi Brown girls my dilemma with irritation and wondered what they would suggest. Thank the Lord these girls were not just after sales. One of the girls recommended a Chanel product, a bronzing makeup base, that she believed to be talc free.

Soleil Tan De Chanel Bronze Universel has been my faithful companion since that day. It is so nice when you know they've heard your needs and not just the 'ting' of their tills.

So, to cut a long story short, I bought it. And oh how I love it! I can use it with 0% irritation and maximum impact. It can be blended on top of my tinted moisturiser or worn alone. I use a blusher brush and dab it around the contours of my face where the sun would naturally hit - well if I actually tanned. I can use as much or as little as I want -perfect!

Happy Fake Sun Days.