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Lawson Lampwork - New Bling

Thursday, 6 June 2013

The lovely Suzie of Lawson Lampwork has given me this gorgeous glass ring topper. It's so pretty - what a talented lady!

The ring is sterling silver and you can swap and change the top for different designs and colours - the opportunities are endless! This is the first in my collection.

You can find her lovely work on her Etsy shop - click the pic to visit her shop!


A Glass Full of Bubbly

Thursday, 29 November 2012

I have two, rather gorgeous, bubbly additions to my Pandora charm bracelet. 

My boyfriend, being the amazing boyfriend he is, surprised me with a new bracelet a few months ago (after I lost the first one en route to Paris..) - complete with a cute silver hippo charm. He calls me hippo when I reach for the chocolate or hog the duvet.. I can't think why..?

These two fabulous bubble glass charms are designed and made by Lawson Lampwork.
Susan Lawson - who, when she isn't showing me the ropes at work, spends her time creating glass masterpieces. 

Sue makes a whole host of beautiful beads and jewelry. Her beads are truly unique and hand made in her home studio. What a talented lady.

The design of these bubbly creations, quite perfectly, is called Champagne -and they really do look like tiny captured champagne bubbles.

You can buy these, and many more, wonderful designs at Sue's Etsy shop. Use code SUZIE10 to get 10% off your order. They make great gifts and you can request custom designs and colours. You can also find her amazing designs on facebook - it's like looking in a candy shop.

Thanks to Sue's generosity, I greedily have both Champagne and Rose Champagne. 
A girl can never have enough champagne - can she?

Champagne Silver Core Charm Bead £11 

Rose Champagne Silver Core Charm Bead £11