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Topshop Lip Fest

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

I recently had a little lip-splurge in Topshop. I purchased two lovely lip colours and a pink lip liner.

I'd read about Topshop's lipstick in Macaroon on a blog and absolutely loved the colour. It's a brighter more coral toned pink than I would normally go for. You can wear it as a sheer colour or, with a couple of extra sweeps, you can intensify the colour nicely to fit your mood. It's a real winner for me and the candy-macaroon-ness of the colour is just delicious. 

The lipstick itself glides on the lips very smoothly and feels comfortable and moisturising. The colour also wears really well and, as I mentioned, can be built up for desired intensity. I prefer a more sheer look with this one - but like to glam it up with a bit of gloss for that extra shine. 

Innocent is another colour from the Topshop lipstick line. It's my current favourite. It's a more lilac-rose pink than Macaroon. It's very soft, pretty and elegant. It's not as deep as it looks - even if you build the colour up. It's just an all-round fab lip colour.

In my eyes you need a good lip liner to compliment your lipstick. I picked up this lovely pink lip liner in Fearless - my last purchase in my Topshop lip-splurge. It's a really versatile colour. I can wear it with both my Topshop lipsticks, simply, by building the colour up when needed or applying softly for a more subtle colour. I think lip liner adds that extra touch to lipstick, it's well worth the extra time to apply to give that perfect finish. 

The Topshop makeup line gets my thumbs up when it comes to lip colour. What Topshop products have you tried?

Topshop lipsticks are available in store or online for £8 each or £5 for the lip liners.

Topshop lip products

Topshop lipstick in Macaroon//Topshop lipstick in Innocent

Topshop lipstick in Innocent

Topshop lipstick in Macaroon

Topshop lipstick in Macaroon//Topshop lipstick in Innocent

Topshop Lip-liner in Fearless

Topshop Lip-liner in Fearless

 Topshop lip-liner in Fearless//Topshop lipstick in Macaroon//Topshop lipstick in Innocent


Nipple, yes I said nipple.

Thursday, 28 February 2013

You may, or may not, remember me ending a recent blog post on the word Nipple...  Well, here is the explanation; Dr Lipp original nipple balm for lips. 

I can't go anywhere without a lip balm and I use them all year round. You can be sure to find them in my coat pockets, in my handbags, in my car, in my laptop case, and in just about any other place you could possibly put a lip balm. 

This little tube has become my beauty go-to. It was originally designed to sooth the nipples of nursing mothers, hence the name, but it's a real treat for your lips.

This lip balm is rich, and think, and just plain scrumptious. If you like heavy moisture then this is perfect. It's 100% natural and, for those like me, it's hypoallergenic. It doesn't have a colour or any fragrance but gives you a super shine. 

I love mixing it with my favourite lipsticks to give long lasting shine and colour. It helps to prolong my lipstick life and really seals in the moisture. Because there is no colour in the balm it doesn't alter the colour of your lipstick or add sparkle - it keeps your lip colour pure.  

I also love the simple retro packaging and, although the tube is small, it lasts pretty well. I can see why this little secret is a favourite for makeup artists.

You can pick this little beauty up for £11 from Specifics Skins. This is a great site for skincare, makeup and other luxury cosmetics. Currently, if you sign up to their news letter, they are offering you 5% discount.


A.K.A Lippy

Thursday, 31 January 2013

I love the idea of lipstick. To me it's the epitome of femininity and glamour. The idea that a little bit of colour can transform your look and add a finishing touch makes me just swoon..  

I have always struggled with lipstick. I suffer from slightly dry lips and found that some lipstick can dry them even more. This is not a good look as the colour can look patchy and make your lips look cracked.
 I usually have to mix my lipstick with a clear gloss, or a heavy lip balm, to stop this from happening. 
No matt lips for me.

I am currently on a medication called Roaccutane. Which, for those lucky enough to have never heard of, is to help with blemished skin (I hate the A word). It's quite a harsh drug and one of the side effects is dry skin and lips. I am quite lucky as my skin really wasn't too bad and could easily be concealed by makeup - but I thought I'd give it a go and I'm currently on my second course (if you want any recommendations for products whilst on this or anything else then get in touch). 

Being on a lip drying drug means wearing lipstick can be very difficult - bahh humbug...

I was recently introduced to the cosmetic brand A.K.A. It's a brand I hadn't heard of before. It's a UK brand with the majority of it's products made in the UK - which, as I'm especially patriotic, I love.

The A.K.A lipstick's are fab. They really are full of moisture and come in great colours. 
I am loving the clean design of the packing - I'm a strong believer that what's inside a makeup bag should look as good as the bag itself.

The colours I have been wearing are Crushed and Flirt. They are pretty good value at £7.50, (if you click the image it'll take you to their site), and do not require me to mix them up with any gloss - even on my medication - just dab of Vaseline on a really dry day.

Crushed is a lovely cute peachy-pink colour. It's not hugely peach or hugely pink - meaning it's quite a subtle colour and works great as a day-to-day lipstick.

Flirt is a vamp-ish red. Being blonde, and whiter than white, I find finding a red lipstick pretty difficult. There are so many undertones to red lipstick - a lot are purple which is a huge no no for me. This one is a pink-red which, I think, works well for me. It's a great lipstick for cocktails or dinner dates. The colour lasts really well - but it can transfer a little- but most high pigment lipsticks do.

I currently have my eye on their pinky L'Amour colour which I may invest in next.

I do have a little secret for improving the wear and moister level of lip stick, or just your lips in general (great if you are on Roaccutane), and I will post about it soon.

In the meantime, I will  leave you with one word. Nipple.


Flirt and Crushed.

Flirt and Crushed.

Flirt and Crushed.