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Kilkenny, Ireland - a Weekend in Pictures

Sunday, 23 June 2013

A few weeks back, I had the pleasure of spending a weekend in Kilkenny, Ireland. It was a great weekend, short but still great. There were six of us in total; including myself and Kevin, and we stayed at a friend's relatives home - a stone throw from Kilkenny Castle.

The weekend was full of Guinness, Irish breakfasts, cafes, pubs and Irish folk music. Here are a few snap shots of the weekend.

Nothing like a cheeky Buck's Fizz with breakfast to get you in the holiday spirit. We flew from Bristol to Dublin in under 45 mins, good old Ryan Air.

The beautiful Castle of Kilkenny, well worth a look inside if you visit and have time.

The gang, all a little tired after the 2 and a half hour coach trip from Dublin. In search of some refreshments. 

Our first pub in Ireland, in we went to order our first Guinness of the weekend.

A snap shot of inside Left Bank. 

His first Guinness of the weekend, my last Guiness of the weekend. I'm sorry to say, I'm still not a fan, even in Ireland.

A cool vintage coke add in the sandwich shop. 

A really pretty shop in the town. The town has so much character. Full of cute boutiques, independent cafes and traditional pubs. Alas, we went over an Irish bank holiday so most of the shops were shut.. bahh humbug.

The worlds cutest coffee shop - Cafe Mocha, Kilkenny, with the most amazing vintage decor. I went here twice and loved it both visits. I'm going to do a separate post dedicated to this cafe and all it's loveliness. Did I mention, it's also sells home made chocolates?? Heaven. 

Walking into Kilkenny on Saturday evening, on our way to Kyteler's Inn to see an Irish folk band. It was just like something out of P.S I love you. The band we saw were called Abbeyfolk - and they were amazing. None of the pictures I took came out - I was gutted.

More drinks on the next night! 

One of many bars at the Langton House Hotel. We had a few drinks before heading into watch one of the Cat Laughs Comedy Festival's shows. Great bar and a great show.

The last night we went out for a few drinks, again, and for a bit of dancing - the camera was left firmly at home! The next morning we heading back to Dublin to fly home - I would definitely visit again.

Have you been to Ireland? I'd love to hear your thoughts!