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Thursday, 7 March 2013

I go through a t-shirt overhaul twice yearly. A white t-shirt is undoubtedly one of the most wearable items of clothing. As I wasn't short changed in the chest department, t-shirts are great as they tend to fit better than shirts. 

I have spent countless hours trying on white shirts - and these hours were generally followed by hours of grumping and complaining. I am yet to find a good white shirt that doesn't gape across the bust or hang like a tent. Seriously, any help here would be great, I can't be the only one??

So, I've half given up trying to get a white shirt and have been sticking to t-shirts. My wardrobe essential is a clean-cut smart white, or cream, t-shirt. I find them so versatile. I like to tuck them into cute skirts or chuck them on with some skinny jeans. I love them. You can wear a sparkly, or loud printed, skirt or trousers and, by adding a simple t-shirt, you can dress it down. Thus making sequins skirts an acceptable day outfit - although I have yet to convinced the boyfriend on this matter.

Whist hunting through my local H&M I happened upon these two cute t-shirts (sorry about the bad pics). You can buy them online here. They are clean cut, and have a feminine yet simple silhouette. They have a smarter, more tailored, edge with their sheer top and zipped back. They are loose fitting and very soft. Perfect to dress up or down.

I bought a cream one and a soft pink one. I'm sure I will end up buying another one in another colour - i'm a complete sucker for that (and I was eyeing up the electric blue one). Mind you, at £7.99 a pop, I say fill your boots! Although, if you are like me, you'll probably end up buying a new pair of boots to fill, which I must confess I did.. post to come soon.